2nd Autopsy Reveals Cradle CEO Died From Multiple Head Injuries Not Caused By Explosion

The post-mortem report had concluded the cause of death as being a complication of blast injuries attributable to an exploding mobile that was being charged next to Nazrin.

Cover image via The Malaysian Insight & Mukhriz Hazim/Malay Mail (edited)

On Tuesday, 26 February, Inspector-General of Police, Mohamad Fuzi Harun, informed media that his department has submitted the report of the second autopsy on former Cradle Fund CEO Nazrin Hassan to the Deputy Public Prosecutor (DPP) earlier this week

"The Selangor police have submitted the investigation report on Nazrin's death, including the result of the second post mortem, and so far, no new arrest has been made," IGP Fuzi Harun was quoted as saying by Bernama yesterday.

Last year on 8 October, police had exhumed Nazrin Hassan's body after obtaining an order from the Magistrate's court to carry out a second post-mortem to facilitate investigation into his death, which was reclassified as murder on 3 August.

The 45-year-old visionary who helped give birth to great Malaysian entrepreneurs and startups through the Cradle Fund died in a fire that broke out at his two-storey house in Mutiara Damansara on 14 June last year.

A forensic investigation report filed by the Fire and Rescue Department had cited suspected foul play into his death. Lab results had shown that there were traces of petrol on his head, bedframe, mattress, and the handphone which exploded.

Image via Bernama

The second autopsy has revealed that the Cradle CEO did not die from injuries attributable to an exploding mobile that was being charged next to him, as the first autopsy had originally concluded.

Nazrin's death has now been attributed to multiple head injuries.

While the second autopsy was carried out in October last year, its findings were only revealed earlier this week. There has been no public explanation on the delay.

The second autopsy did not find explosion injuries in Nazrin’s head, which was what the first post-mortem at Hospital Kuala Lumpur had reported.

While Nazrin died of multiple head injuries, they were not from the exploding phone.

According to The Malaysian Insight, late Nazrin's family members were briefed by police last week of the latest developments in the investigations into the case.

We were told that the cause of death was multiple head injuries and not injuries caused by a blast.
A family member of Nazrin Hassan

Last year, the case took it's most shocking turn when police arrested several family members including Nazrin's wife, her former husband, and their two sons, who were remanded for a week

His wife, Samirah Muzaffar, tried to block the exhumation of his body. However, a three-man bench had dismissed Samirah's application on grounds that she had no merit.

While she along with her first husband and their two teenage sons were arrested, all of them have since been released without charges.

Here's a recap of the case so far:

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