Cute Doggo Lining Up For Nasi Lemak Wins Over Every Malaysian Heart

Much hungerz. Must patience.

Cover image via Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli/Facebook

Where there's good nasi lemak, there's sure to be a long queue

A stall in Kuching recently made waves on the Internet after an adorable customer paid them a visit.

Nasi Lemak Jambatan Tamparuli was able to capture the moment in a series of Facebook photos posted on 28 July that have been shared over 8,500 times.

Spotted among several people who were waiting to order nasi lemak sat a very patient doggo

Well, patient as far as hungry dogs go.

"No need rice, just fried chicken. Been waiting quite awhile now," reads the caption.

By the time it was finally its turn, the dog walked up, sat like a good boy, and 'enquired' about the price.

"How much is one packet of nasi lemak, abang?"

The abang kindly replied, "RM2 per packet."

Upon realising that it didn't bring cash, the doggo tried to 'negotiate' a deal.

It tried its luck by asking if the stall accepted e-wallet payments.

But not to worry, it all ended well.

Much to its delight, the dog was given a piece of fried chicken on the house!

That grin says it all.

In the comments section, the stall later posted a photo of the dog bringing its friends to try the food and they were all commended for complying with social distancing measures.

Since the post went viral, Malaysians have been praising the shop for their act of kindness

Hardworking doggos are all around us:

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