[VIDEO] This Doggo Has Been Collecting Mail From The 'Abang Posmen' For 4 Years. So Cute!

Who's the goodest boi?

Cover image via Munir Mohd/Facebook

A video showing a doggo bringing in the mail directly from an abang posmen is going viral on Facebook

The 11-second long video was uploaded by Mohamad Munir last Friday, 17 July.

"Good morning, guys. It's been four years since we have known each other. Hahaha. It's his duty to take the letters," Munir wrote on the caption of the video.

In the video, the golden-haired friend is seen walking to Munir with a wagging tail

"Up, up," Munir instructs the doggo, and he cheerfully complies.

The doggo gets up to take the letter, then happily struts back to the house with the mail in his mouth. Such a good boi!

In an interview with SAYS, Munir said the doggo reacts to simple instructions in English

"The dog has been under the owner's care for five years now and his name is Aruk," related Munir, who has been a postman since 2012.

He said the video was taken at Kampung Sira in Lenggong, Perak at 11am last Friday.

"When I first met the dog, I was very afraid of him. But after a week, the dog befriended me," he shared.

If you are wondering how close they are, Munir said on some weeks, they meet every single day

Another video uploaded today, 20 July, showing Munir handing a letter to Aruk.

Image via Munir Mohd/Facebook

"Sometimes, I send letters to the house four times a week; sometimes, three times a week," he said, adding that if there is no letter that day, the owner will give a random object to Aruk for him to deliver.

"It is his job to fetch letters. He also guards the gate and decides if it should be kept open or not."

At the time of writing, the video has garnered over 14,000 shares and 2,000 comments.

Thousands of netizens flooded the comment section to express how adorable the interaction between Aruk and the postman is

Image via Facebook

"Congratulations to the owner. He has done well in training the dog. Normally, postmen are afraid of the dogs while on duty," commented a netizen.

Image via Facebook

"Finally, there is a postman who is not afraid of dogs. Some postmen are so afraid of dogs to the extent that they will climb on the customer's gate," one Facebook user said in jest.

Image via Facebook

Watch the video here:

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