Two Doggos 'Attend' Classes In Labuan Because Education Is Key

So... are we allowed to say our classmate ate our homework?

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It's a dog-eat-dog world out there – but two furry good boys have not let that stop them from working hard in reaching their full potential

In a viral Twitter thread on 23 July, the doggos were spotted 'attending' classes at Labuan Matriculation College (KLM), Labuan.

The thread has since received over 5,400 retweets and 4,700 likes.

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College students detailed how the dogs went about their daily routine to achieve a higher education

First thing first, it's important to not skip class... even if you've entered the wrong one.

Late-comers always make quite an entrance when finding an empty seat. But at least this lil' guy didn't forget to wear his socks to class.

Always give your best during presentations, even if no one takes you seriously.

The diligent doggo was even spotted heading to the library to brush up on its studying...

"It was also at the library. This dog really wants that 4 Flat. It diligently went for lectures, went to the library. The other day was the funniest - he entered the discussion room," shared one person.

... While its friend was seen exhausted from all those books.

It's so hardworking, that it even attended night classes

But whether on your own or with friends, always remember to take a break from studying and chill

Several witnesses have since attested to the canines' class attendance, with some even saying that they made great students

"Sometimes the dog even arrives to class earlier than the lecturer."

"One type of 'dog' that I feel is better than those who just copy your assignments."

It turns out that the doggos are actually strays who would frequently hang out with the students in the college

"All of the students here are from Borneo so they aren't afraid of the dogs."

"During my time at Labuan Matriculation College, the dogs always entered our hostel. Now they even want to study together with us," shared another person.

As usual, always man's best friend. :')

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Meanwhile, their bovine counterparts were also recently spotted at a top university in Bombay:

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