Singaporean Groomer Shaped This Doggo's Fur Into An Egg And Now It's Going Viral

Much zen.

Cover image via @pom_and_pixel/groomer_andrea

First, there was egg boi. Now, there's egg dog.

An adorable Pomeranian has been making waves on the Internet after it was sent to a pet groomer for a fur cut in Singapore.

An Instagram video posted by @groomer_andrea on 29 January has since received more than 99,000 views.

The doggo was seen in utter bliss as he was trimmed into an egg shape

Much zen.

It wasn't long before a popular Japanese sculptor @meetisai also turned Pom Pom into a figurine!

Photos of the figure raised over 44,000 retweets since it was posted on 13 February.

Funko Pop even took a crack at it yesterday and "created" a toy version as a joke for April Fool's

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The beloved meme, Eggdog, is coming to the world of Pop!

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Pom Pom's owner's daughter has since created an account dedicated to both their doggos, including her Maltese named Pixel

She posts photos of Pom Pom and Pixel's daily routines, which consist of sleeping and chillin' together.

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Watch Pom Pom's zen grooming session below:

You can follow Pom Pom and Pixel's daily lives here. Or check out more of Andrea's grooming work here.

Doggos are seriously man's best friend:

But as it turns out, ducks can also make pretty good companions:

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