Asians Unite To Laugh At Chinese Urinals Being Sold As Fancy Decor On Amazon

Our ancestors be rolling in their graves right now.

Cover image via Amazon/Google

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A product listing on Amazon recently made Chinese netizens around the world squeal with laughter

It was recently discovered that the common Chinese household chamber pot, which can also be used as a spittoon, is being sold as fancy kitchen antiques on the Canada-based marketplace.

According to Chinese portal Global Times, a screenshot of the product listing went viral in China with over 50 million views on Sina Weibo.

Image via Amazon/Google

Netizens were so amused that the enamel pot, where people usually urinate or spit into, was being called a '1960s Chinese antique fruit basket'

The listing described the pot as "beautiful" with colors and patterns on it that represent "traditional Chinese culture" and symbolises "the happiness of life".

It also said "the basket has large storage space that can store any fruit" and was "practical with a wide range of uses".

Attached photos in another Amazon listing suggested that the pots can be used as champagne ice buckets and storage for French baguettes.

The listings also recommended them as good housewarming and wedding gifts.

Image via Amazon
Image via Amazon

The pots are being sold at the price of CDN68.45 (RM220), which is almost 15 times their regular price in China

In fact, the same spittoons can also be found on Shopee in Malaysia for about RM50, and are marketed as 'urine buckets' usually for elderly care.

While Chinese netizens laughed at how they didn't know their chamber pots were so highly regarded, other Asians from all over the world have also joined in on the viral joke.

Don't mess with Asians and our culture:

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