Man Breaks Into Car In Klang But Decides To Take A Nap Instead

"If between hunger and sleep, I would also choose sleep. Sleep is the best."

Cover image via Twitter @kayzkaela

Naps fix everything... well, almost everything.

A family in Klang recently encountered an unusual experience when they found a stranger sleeping in their car.

On 19 September, Twitter user Shafinaz shared the incident.

"A drug addict broke into our house this morning but fell asleep in the car! The car was a mess. Two cars were broken into," she wrote.

Her mother apparently saw the man in the vehicle and had called out to him assuming that it was her husband or son

Shafinaz clarified that the car was not locked prior to the incident.

Her father had apparently yelled at the man to wake him up but he appeared to have been in deep sleep.

It was not until the police showed up that the man got up.

Shafinaz explained that she was grateful no one was harmed and that nothing was stolen from their home.

Meanwhile, several people have come up with their own theories on the incident

"If between hunger and sleep, I would also choose sleep. Sleep is the best," commented another person.

One person wrote, "Planned to sleep for 10 minutes. Instead forgot to set alarm. When he woke up, it was already morning. Kantoi."

"He was confused if he wanted to rob or sleep. He chose to sleep," another tweeted.

"He was tired of thinking of how to break into the car that when he finally did, he needed a nap," wrote one netizen.

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This is not the first time someone has broken into a place for unusual reasons:

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