Woman Breaks Into Stranger's House Because She Wanted To Charge Her Phone

When confronted, she said that she was "hiding from the sun".

Cover image via Kanon Tiger Satong/Facebook

A woman recently broke into a stranger's home in Thailand not to steal anything but to use a plug point

At 11.30am on Tuesday, 11 September, a resident noticed a woman climbing out of a neighbour's window, running to another house, and climbing over the locked fence. 

Though nothing was stolen, it is unclear as to why she had a bag of tools with her.

Image via Kanon Tiger Satong/Facebook

Wanting to confront her, the neighbour walked over to the house and found the woman casually charging her phone

When asked what she was doing, she simply replied that she was "hiding from the sun".

According to Coconuts Bangkok, the perpetrator then quickly ran away, climbed back over the fence, and sped off on a motorbike.

For obvious reasons, her actions led to an angry house owner writing down the whole incident in a Facebook post

"What gives you the right to break into people's houses according to your liking AND use our electricity?" he wrote in the post that went viral.

Since then, the woman contacted the owner, Kanon, to apologise and followed him to the police station to make a report.

The perpetrator claimed that she did not think before acting and had not meant to intrude into his home

Not entirely convinced that she is completely innocent, Kanon decided to leave the Facebook post up as a warning for others but decided to not file any charges against her.

SAYS reached out to Kanon for a comment but has yet to receive any response.

Meanwhile, here are others who also managed to get away with their "crimes":

Fortunately, surveillance cameras captured these less lucky pickpockets:

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