This Bakery Owner In China Wants To Give Free Cake To The Thief Who Broke Into Her Store

Security footage showed him returning the cakes on the display counter when he realised that they were not real.

Cover image via SCMP

In a rather unusual case that took place in China last week, a man broke into a bakery to supposedly "steal a cake"

According to South China Morning Post, the bakery owner named Wang told Jiiangsu Television on 3 August that she reported the case to the police after noticing that someone had forced his way into her shop.

Image via SCMP

However, when she screened through CCTV footage of the incident, she noticed that the man had strangely not stolen anything

Wang decided to immediately drop the police report when she observed that nothing major happened. 

The culprit, who looked like he was in his 30s, was spotted comparing four different cakes which he placed on top of the cashier counter

Image via NextShark

Shortly after, the man realised that the cakes were merely display models and were not real.

Instead of heading towards the cash register to look for something else to steal, the man was seen returning the cakes back to the display shelf and walking out of the store empty-handed.

According to Wang, it seems that he didn't break in to steal cash, but instead just wanted a cake

"Maybe his family is too poor (to afford to buy one)," the bakery owner said.

Wang went on to say that she would like to offer the man a free cake if he is willing to return to the bakery.

Image via NextShark

You can watch the video clip below:

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