Man Loses Phone During His Nap And Finds It Later In The Jungle With... Monkey Selfies

"I already felt so relieved when I found it, but when I opened the gallery... I was shook."

Cover image via @Zackrydz (Twitter)

A man from Johor was absolutely amused to find a thief had stolen his phone while he was taking a nap and left him with a series of hilarious selfies

Sharing his funny experience on Twitter, user @Zackrydz said that he was initially really mad when he woke up from an afternoon nap at home on Saturday, 12 September, to find his phone missing.

However, he realised that the thief had not stolen anything else from his room, and had oddly removed his phone case and thrown it under the bed.

"I looked everywhere around the house for my phone, but at last, I only found my phone case underneath my bed, with my phone nowhere in sight," he tweeted.

"I didn't exactly believe it was a thief because there were no signs of breaking in," he mused.

"And if it was a thief, why would he throw my case under the bed? He could have just taken both the phone and the case."

Zackrydz's phone case.

Image via @Zackrydz (Twitter)

The worried 20-year-old tried using a tracking app to find his phone but it proved useless as he had left it offline

"I tried using a phone tracker and that didn't work either. I swore I was ready to hire people by the hundreds to help me find my phone. I also wanted to report this to the police," he said, describing his desperation.

"Could it have been a toyol? But why would a toyol snatch a handphone?" he wondered.

Zackrydz's phone after it was found.

Image via @Zackrydz (Twitter)

After almost two days of looking for his phone, Zackrydz's brother finally asked him to consider checking outside of the house

Zackrydz's search came to an end when by a stroke of luck, he heard a sound coming from the jungle at the back of his house while he was walking around.

"I suddenly heard a ringtone and ran to find my phone there. In the jungle. What the f***," he tweeted.

Wondering how his phone could end up outside, he unlocked his phone and laughed out loud when he saw the perpetrator's face all over his photo gallery:

Zackrydz told SAYS that he did not expect such a funny ending to his search and is thankful to get his phone back

"I already felt so relieved when I found my phone, but when I opened the gallery... I was shook," he said.

"It caused me two days of misery, this monkey," he said, adding that he was sure an incident like this did not happen every century.

The Twitter user also joked that the monkey really took the time with his phone to practice its photography skills

"It was probably its ambition to become a photographer but it had no funds, so it snatched my phone while I was sleeping instead," he said.

He also later found out that he was not the monkey's only victim as the same monkey is often seen hanging around the neighbourhood and had also stolen and broken two of his neighbour's phones previously.

Zackrydz's thread has been retweeted more than 6,400 times with users finding the encounter as amusing as he did

"I believe this monkey has been using phones for a long time, it's really smart at taking pictures and videos," said a Twitter user.

This one jokingly said, "Try checking if it did any dancing videos to be uploaded to TikTok."

Another wondered, "How did it open your phone? iPhones use Face ID right?"

Check out his full Twitter thread here:

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