[VIDEO] Penguins Use Aquarium Coronavirus Shut Down As Opportunity To Visit Their Friends

We could watch this all day.

Cover image via Twitter @shedd_aquarium

While the rest of the world is practising social distancing, a group of penguins decided to go on a little adventure

Amidst coronavirus fears, Chicago's Shedd Aquarium closed its doors to outsiders much to the delight of their penguins, who decided it was time to explore places they wouldn't normally be allowed to visit.

The aquarium shared videos of the penguins waddling about and they are too freaking adorable!

A curious rockhopper penguin named Wellington decided to spread his wings and meet new buddies, who seemed just as intrigued by his presence

He was spotted observing fishes from the Amazon. Both of which would never meet on any other normal occasion in their natural habitat.

Watch the video of him below:

Two penguins, Edward and Annie, were also seen waddling around the rest of the aquarium, as if on holiday before the nesting period begins

One video showed the pair tottering about near the information counter.

"Our caregivers are constantly providing new experiences for the animals to explore and express their natural behaviours with," the aquarium shared in a series of tweets on Tuesday, 17 March.

When asked if they could show more penguin escapades like this, Shedd Aquarium responded that their animal caretakers plan to have even more creative activities for the penguins and other animals now that there are no guests in the building.

Naturally, the penguins' little escape has made the Internet swoon

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Yep, exactly what the Internet needs right now :')

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