This Puppy Became A Viral Sensation For Its Adorable Sleeping Position

Current mood.

Cover image via Janess Cua/Mark Jemar Laniog Iraola (Facebook)

A one-month-old shih tzu has become an Internet star after photos of her cute sleeping position were recently posted on social media by her owner

Janess Cua uploaded the photos on a Facebook page called Dog Lovers Philippines last week, 26 March.

The post has since received over 22,000 shares.

The pup, who's named Paningning, was seen in the series of photos sleeping on her back with her fluffy belly facing upwards

Here she is sleeping without a care in the world, while her other roommates cuddle each other:

Several netizens commented that they are totally relating to the pup's mood with statements like "My spirit animal" and "Monday mood".

Paningning has become so popular that netizens around the world turned her into hilarious memes

The doggo's unusual sleeping position has also inspired several illustrators

And netizens even went as far as to create adorable wallpapers for your phone

Paningning has turned into quite an influencer in the dog world, as fellow canines have begun following in the pup's 'paw steps'

Oh doggo, you've truly made our day. <3 

You can follow Paningning on Facebook here.

Here's another doggo who recently made headlines for his adorable egg shape fur cut:

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