A Stranger's Act Of Kindness Led This Homeless Man To His Long-Lost Family

The homeless man was found scavenging for food in a garbage bin.

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A good Samaritan in the Philippines has changed the course of a homeless man's life in just a few hours

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Franklin Goden's Facebook post detailing the experience has garnered 35,000 shares at the time of writing.

The pastor was passing by a shopping mall in Quezon City when he saw a homeless man scavenging for food in a garbage bin

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When asked, he said that his name is Erwin Dean.

In a gesture of kindness, Goden decided to buy the man new clothes, take him for a haircut and a bath.

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Once Dean was all cleaned up, the pastor took him to a mall for a McDonald's treat

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"The mall made him smile," Goden wrote.

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Goden's post received an overwhelmingly positive response from netizens who were touched by his compassion

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However, there were several Facebook users who criticised him for publicising his good deeds on social media.

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In response to the criticism, Goden said that he only posted the photos on Facebook in the hopes that it would reach Dean's long-lost family

"I want his family to see him," he explained, adding that his brother had reached out to him as a result of the viral post.

"I am talking to his brother, crying and thanking and praising God," he added.

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What a difference an act of kindness can make. <3

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