2 Little Girls From Sabah Got Featured On Buzzfeed For Going Viral In Cute Hula Hoop Video


Cover image via Instagram @world / Twitter @FazriHassan

Two little girls from a primary school in Sandakan, Sabah recently made it to Buzzfeed after a super cute video of them trying to hula hoop went viral on Twitter.

The video, which was posted by their teacher Muhamad Fazri Hassan last month, has been viewed over 3.3 million times on Twitter! 

People were especially enamoured by the girl wearing a blue tudung, who had the sweetest smile on her face after adorably failing to twirl the hula hoop around her hip

Even Hollywood celebrities like director/producer Ava Duvernay and comedian Patton Oswalt are getting the fuzzies from watching "Little Blue", as she is affectionately referred to by netizens: 

The video was posted by Muhamad Fazri Hassan, a teacher at SK Gas who is part of the school's Integrated Special Education Program (PPKI). He revealed that Maisarah a.k.a. "Little Blue" is one of his students and has Global Development Delay.

In an interview with Buzzfeed News, Fazri said that he has been teaching PPKI at the school since January 2018.

Fazri with Maisarah ("Little Blue") and some of his students.

Image via Muhamad Fazri Hassan

Fazri explained that while PPKI students are integrated with mainstream students, they have their own classroom as well as a special curriculum. 

Occasionally, the department will organise activities to promote inclusiveness and understanding of special education, such as field trips and annual camping trips.

The school also allots a special education awareness week every year
for mainstream students to join the special education students' class and interact with them. 

Fazri said that he would film or take photos of his students when something interesting happens so that he can share them with the kids' parents later on

Fazri also clarified that the parents of the kids involved have given him permission to upload the photos and videos to promote awareness and understanding for special education. 

Here are some examples of his most recent posts:

While Fazri feels overwhelmed by the global attention he has gotten from the video, Maisarah is apparently taking it all in stride... as she's a pretty popular figure even before the video went viral!

"We let her know that she's viral, but she has no idea what 'viral' is," he told SAYS. 

"According to her mum, she had this conversation with her younger sister about her being famous, but we still think she has no idea because even before this, a lot of people like to take pictures with her." 

Viral fame aside, Fazri highlights that the video has prompted many people to ask him about his work as a special education teacher, adding that some SPM leavers are even asking him about how they too can become one. 

In light of the video and Maisarah's popularity, Fazri has created an official Facebook page to update the public on the school's PPKI activities. You can follow them here. You can also watch the adorable video again here:

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