Sneaky Monkey Does Online Shopping For Its Zookeeper After She Leaves Phone Lying Around

The zookeeper was surprised to find orders she never placed.

Cover image via Jiangsu TV

Online shopping has made life easier for many - and it seems one monkey in China knows that far too well

On Wednesday, 6 November, CCTV footage showed a sneaky fella using its zookeeper's phone to make some online purchases.

The incident took place at Yancheng Wild Animal World in Changzhou, Jiangsu, reported Jiangsu TV, according to Daily Mail.

Image via Jiangsu TV

The zoo worker had reportedly gone away for a while to get food for the monkey and left her phone behind

Lv Mengmeng said that she was scrolling on the e-commerce website Taobao before she got up to get food.

However, when she got back, she found that she had received confirmation texts for orders she never purchased.

Image via Jiangsu TV
Image via Jiangsu TV

After checking CCTV footage, she discovered a cheeky culprit picking up her phone and tapping away at the screen

On top of having made several purchases, the monkey had also emptied Lv's cart, which she had previously filled with items in preparation for the Single's Day sale.

Image via Jiangsu TV

Lv revealed that the monkey may have picked up her habits because she often plays with her phone while it is around

"I like playing on my phone and I like playing on my phone next to it. It has seen me placing orders on Taobao," she told Jiangsu TV, according to Daily Mail.

Good news for the monkey though, Lv decided to keep the purchased items anyway because they were all daily necessities.

Image via Jiangsu TV

You can watch the full video below:

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