Little Piggy Takes Subway Rides In Hong Kong Just Like Any Busy White-Collar Worker

The piglet knows where it wants to go before the Friday night begins.

Cover image via 香港野豬關注組 Hong Kong Wild Boar Concern Group (Facebook)

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Despite their lazy public perception, did you know pigs are actually one of the smartest animals on the planet?

Image via Imgur

It looks like the fact can no longer be refuted as one little piggy is believed to have 'adapted' to the hustle and bustle of city life in Hong Kong

According to South China Morning Post, a wild boar boarded a train at Quarry Bay station before getting down at North Point interchange to catch another train on the Tseung Kwan O line.

It is a task that some city dwellers have to look up on the map, but the little piggy did not seem to need such technology to get from Hong Kong Island to New Territories.

It is reported that the wild boar — which has the length of about one and a half MRT seats — managed to sneak into the subway station by slipping under the ticket barriers at Quarry Bay station at 3.55pm on Friday, 18 June.

Image via Yahoo! News

Perhaps the piglet had a different destination in mind after all, as it was forced to alight at the North Point interchange when MRT staff and animal welfare officers tried to corner it

Videos and photos online show the agile Suidae member running from one end of a cabin to another end.

A photo even shows the piglet resting on priority seats designated for elderly citizens, people with disabilities, and pregnant women. Looks like the piggy does not know basic train etiquette.

Meanwhile, a 27-second long video shows a staff trying to capture the trotting piggy, but to no avail.

The train was eventually diverted to a depot where officers from the Agriculture, Fisheries, and Conservation Department (AFCD) were able to safely capture the animal before releasing it back into the wild, reported AFP.

It is learnt that the wandering creature caused little disruption to services.

South China Morning Post reported that no staff were injured in the incident. An AFCD spokesperson also said that young animal suffered no ill effects from the incident.

Image via SCMP

Watch the video of the piglet avoiding capture in the MRT here:

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