Family Discovers One Side Of Slippers Kept Vanishing, Turns Out Thief Is Neighbour's Oyen

Oyen always up to no good.

Cover image via @amyramrn (Twitter)

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A family in Singapore who noticed that their slippers kept disappearing have finally caught the unexpected thief

In a recent tweet, @amyramrn wrote that they found it strange that only one side of their slippers would often disappear. Why wouldn't the thief take both sides?

Speaking to SAYS, she said that the first time it happened, they were "pissed" but assumed it was just the flat cleaner accidentally sweeping one side away.

However, after it happened several times, they finally checked closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage of their corridor on 9 June. 

And there it was – a very sneaky four-legged oyen turned out to be the culprit

In the video, the cat burglar is seen calmly strolling over and grabbing its prize, before pausing to look back at what appears to be the family's other footwear. Almost as if it's planning its future raids.

She shares with SAYS that they burst into laughter when they realised it was a cat that belongs to their neighbour who lives a floor above them.

After sharing the funny discovery with her, the pet's owner said that she did, in fact, notice that her cat kept bringing home random slippers but had no idea who they belonged to. So she would leave them near her lift lobby on her floor hoping that the actual owners would claim them.

The robber apparently began its little crimes at the end of last year

For some reason, the cat only stole "branded" flip flops like Vans, Adidas, and Puma, and they're all just slippers that she leaves outside because they're old. 

She adds that the incident has happened at least four times but they weren't able to capture the first three times on CCTV.

Her video has since been retweeted over 5,600 times. You can watch the furry thief in action below:

Some cats are just made for mischief and we love them anyway:

While others always seem like they're intelligently scheming:

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