Naughty Cat That Got Its Head Stuck In A Hole Gets Rescued By Abang Bomba

His face is my expression for the whole of 2020.

Cover image via Info Roadblock JPJ/POLIS (Facebook)

2020 has been tough on all of us.

And this cat that got its head stuck in a hole definitely looks like it feels that way too.

Luckily for the kitty, the Bukit Mertajam Fire and Rescue Department (Bomba) made it their special mission to save it from the door it got caught in

They found that the silly cat had tried to go through a hole that was only big enough for its head

The rescuers tried to gently pull it out from the hole but found it was definitely trapped.

With their professional skills though, the abang-abang Bomba acted swiftly and safely cut a section of the door out

This way, they could release the cat with more control and not injure it.

And after some time, they managed to pull the cat free!

Netizens were so amused and thanked the abang-abang Bomba for saving the naughty cat that got itself into trouble

The Facebook post by Info Roadblock JPJ/Polis has received over 1,300 shares and nearly 1,000 comments with people laughing at the unfortunate cat's antics.

"I hope they charged that cat for giving the Bomba extra work," joked a Facebook user.

"If you are smart enough to put your head in a hole, you should be smart enough to get yourself out," he added.

While this user said, "This cat must have joined Mythbusters. Maybe the myth is that if it can fit its head in a hole, its whole body can follow through too. But all it took was one hole."

Another netizen pointed out, "If you don't patch that hole, tomorrow he'll be back there. Trust me."

On behalf of the cat, thank you Abang Bomba!

No matter how mischievous, cats seem to get away with anything:

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