Find You A Person Who Looks At You The Way This Cat Looks At Food

The look of love.

Cover image via Nink Nisakon (Facebook)

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This is Beb.

Beb is the cutest white fluffball whose only goal in life is to look longingly at its hooman's meals every day.

Nink Nisakon, a cat mama of two who lives in Nakhon Ratchasima, Thailand, shares hilarious photos of her daily struggles with her white Scottish Fold mix.

Whenever she settles down for a meal, Beb comes along, sits, and stares with a look that's almost as if it's saying, "Is this for me, hooman?"

In her photos that have gone viral on social media, Nink shares Beb's Oliver Twist expressions and they're all too relatable, especially for foodies

Image via Postjung
Image via Postjung

With constant hope in its eyes, Beb pines. Beb yearns. But more importantly, Beb never gives up.

Dumplings? Chicken feet? Porridge? This cat's busybody attitude doesn't disappoint. 

Image via Postjung
Image via Postjung

Contrary to how it looks, the cat actually does get plenty of its own treats and cuddles from its loving owner

But only when it wants it, of course. So dramatic. 

Similar to Beb, these other hangry cats took a slightly different approach:

When cats set their minds on something, it's really quite difficult to deter them:

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