Guy Goes Viral Over Using The Purrfect Furry Background For Wedding Rings Photo


Cover image via Kevin Kasmir (Facebook)

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One of the most classic wedding photos of all time always includes a shot of the couple's wedding rings

Usually it's against an aesthetically-pleasing backdrop like the bride's bouquet or their wedding vows.

Something like this:

But even if you don't have a good background, one guy from the Philippines recently came up with an adorable solution

Here's a photo he shared of a pair of rings:

And here's a behind-the-scenes shot:

With the help of a furry assistant, the photo of the rings ended up looking pretty decent.

Facebook user Kevin Kasmir posted these photos on 6 March and they've since garnered over 20,000 shares. 

His caption reads, "No background? No problem."

You can check out the cute Facebook post below:

Sometimes we just gotta make do with what we have:

Not too long ago, another furry assistant went viral when its owner needed to teach his son how to bathe a baby:

Some cats are really out there being loyal companions we don't deserve: