This Japanese Cat Saved A Man's Life And Already Looks Like It Regrets Its Life Choices

Koko received an honorary award from the police in Toyama, Japan yesterday, 14 April.

Cover image via NHK

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Meet Koko-chan.

While it may look like an ordinary cat, it is secretly a superhero.

Image via NHK

What you are looking at is a brave neko-chan, whose heroic actions last year saved an elderly man after he fell into an aqueduct in Toyama City, Japan

It alerted its owner about the fallen man, and ultimately saved his life.

In honour of its bravery, Koko-chan was appointed as police chief for one day on 13 April, reported Japanese news outlet NHK.

In a solemn ceremony, Koko-chan was handed a certificate that officiates its one-day police role.

Its appointment to the position also coincided with Japan's spring traffic safety campaign.

Look at this furball. It clearly wants to be left alone as it couldn't care less about our human ritual.

Image via NHK

According to Pledge Times, Koko spent the day as head of the department of traffic safety and attended a presentation about traffic safety rules with a group of elementary school students.

It even got to sign the certificate of recognition during the event. How cute is its paw print signature?

Image via NHK

However, we noticed that our feline friend does not seem to look happy with so many hoomans around

Note the scowl right here.

Image via NHK

Maybe it has something to do with its attire for the day

Koko was dressed in a police uniform along with tiny arms poking out of the shirt. The look was finished off with a miniature police hat. 

Image via NHK

While Koko-chan is scowling in the video, the Internet is cheering for its courage and new appointment

Image via Twitter

Thank you for saving the man, Koko-chan!

Image via Hoppip/GIPHY

Watch Koko-chan's appointment to the role below:

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