Animal Experts Made This Road Safety Video For Cats To Watch So They Don't Get Hit By Cars

The video is narrated in meows.

Cover image via Yellow Hat

A Japanese automobile company recently released a public service video out of concern for road safety.

However, the video wasn't created for elderly drivers or children who commute daily to school... It was made for cats.

Image via Yellow Hat

With the help from Kyoto University's animal psychologists, automotive retailer Yellow Hat created a PSA video earlier this week, to educate feline friends on road safety measures, SoraNews24 reported.

FYI, this isn't just some lame video with a few cat images and sloppy editing skills.

With specific meows and music, the research team ensured that it contained the right elements to capture the kitties' attention.

Image via SoraNews24

For starters, all of the presenters in the video are either cats or human actors dressed in cat costumes

Audio sounds – like birds chirping and mice squeaking – were incorporated, including a narrator who only speaks in meows.

Image via SoraNews24
Image via SoraNews24
Image via SoraNews24

The cat audience were earnestly advised to be alert when they're out gallivanting the streets because pulling stunts like suddenly jumping out onto roads is dangerous

"There are many dangers," the narrator meowed a warning in the video, according to SoraNews24.

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Although the video was created for cats, subtitles were included so humans can also better understand cat behaviour

For example, cats like the warmth and often sit on top of manhole covers commonly found in the middle of the road.

The video also explained how car horns and high-beam headlights can startle cats, which tends to make them too frightened to jump out of the way, NextShark reported.

You can watch the road safety video below:

Before launching the video, the team held a test screening at a cat cafe. Watch their reactions here:

Cats in Japan have a mind of their own, like these two:

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