Thai Woman Builds Cat Haven On Top Of Her Home So Pets Can Roam Without Getting Lost

She knows who's boss.

Cover image via Sasamon Sophin (Facebook)

Most cats enjoy strolling around in their own free will. But there are some moments when a cat owner might worry that their beloved fur friend will go missing or worse... get into an accident.

To avoid this stress, a Thai woman named Sasamon Sophin decided to do something about it.

She recently went viral after sharing photos of her home in Nakhon Pathom, a city near Bangkok.

Sitting right above her porch, Sasamon installed a huge home for her five cats. And it looks like a cat paradise!

The cats' house is surrounded by a large cage and a roof, allowing her pets to walk freely and enjoy the outside air, without ever going missing.

In an interview with SAYS, Sasamon shares that it has been one of her main worries, so she hired a constructor to build this for her furry friends.

She explains that since the home is on a higher level, it doesn't get too hot and is sometimes windy. When it rains, it splashes a little into the home but dries quickly.

Sasamon also said that the back of the house has a separate section for the cats, so they have the option to head to other areas if it rains. 

In addition, there are several cat doors, so they can slip in and out into any of the rooms in the house.

Photos show her pets just doing usual cat things – napping, exploring, and silently judging you from afar

She filled their space with potted plants along with cat ladders and beds for them to chill on

In December, she decorated the space with fairy lights!

There's even a spot where the cats can climb to the top of the roof, like their own little open-air attic

Sasamon shares that hiring someone to assemble the front structure cost her around THB70,000 to THB80,000 (RM10,000), which she feels was worth the investment.

The normal price, she says, would have been around THB100,000 (RM13,000) or more. 

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