Woman Nurses Sick Stray Cat To Full Health & It Becomes Unrecognisably Beautiful

"She was so pitiful to look at. Her skin was infected and wounded and she smelled very bad," Nur Hamizah described the day she found Meimei.

Cover image via Nur Hamizah Had (Facebook)

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A woman from Sarawak showed that stray cats make wonderful pets and are worth no less than the ones you'd find in stores.

All they need is some kind love and attention.

Nur Hamizah Had, who hails from Kuching, shared on Facebook group Kelab Pencinta Kucing Malaysia on 19 June that her beautiful, snow-white princess of a cat was once a stray.

The post with before and after photos of her cat, Meimei, quickly garnered over 4,000 likes, with netizens commending the owner for taking such good care of the kitty.

Speaking to SAYS, Nur Hamizah said her story with Meimei began when she found the cat wandering outside of her home, begging for food in May last year

The cat was skin and bones and looked terrible, the 30-year-old housewife said.

"She was so pitiful to look at. Her skin was infected and wounded and she smelled very bad," Nur Hamizah described.

Deciding to help the cat off the streets, she slowly coaxed it into a cardboard box and brought it into her and her husband's home.

She said Meimei was initially very scared of them, which is why she suspects that it could have been abused or abandoned by someone else.

Nevertheless, the couple gave the cat some food, water, and shelter, and also brought it to a vet to treat its wounds and skin infection.

At the vet, they found out Meimei was so malnourished, barely weighing 2kg.

Fast forward one year later, and after lots of tender loving care, Nur Hamizah is proud that Meimei looks like a completely different cat

The 'pawrent' said she was pleased to find that Meimei's fur started to grow back after five to six months of living with them

Nur Hamizah added that she did not give Meimei any special diet to grow her fur, but simply made sure to bathe Meimei once a week and brush her fur every day.

"Meimei doesn't have a special diet but she eats about four to five times a day. And after she eats, she always sleeps," laughed the owner, when asked what Meimei's favourite pastime was.

While Meimei is still afraid of people, Nur Hamizah said the cat has at least learnt to love and trust herself and her husband

As a housewife, she shares that Meimei will always look for her around the home and lay down next to her as she carries out house chores.

"She's very intelligent too. It looks like she always understands my husband and I when we talk to her," said the happy owner.

Happy for both of you too, Nur Hamizah and Meimei!

These kind hoomans also went out of their way to help some furry friends:

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