PDRM Officers Help Fund Surgery For Stray Dog Who Keeps Them Company At Roadblock

Activist Kuan Chee Heng said the dog has been keeping the police officers company for almost a year at the roadblock in Kota Tinggi, Johor.

Cover image via Kuan Chee Heng (Facebook)

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Doggos are man's best friends. The saying has proven to be true for three police officers in Johor who have a stray dog as their bestest buddy while on duty.

Recently, a video showing a police officer manning a roadblock in Kota Tinggi while having fun with a stray canine went viral on Facebook

The video was shared by activist and former policeman Kuan Chee Heng, or more fondly known as Uncle Kentang, on 30 May.

In the one minute and 46 second long video, a police officer can be seen playing with a golden furred friend at a roadblock next to an oil palm plantation. The dog is said to be nicknamed Johnny.

Writing in the caption, Kuan said, "(Here is) how Johnny can be a close friend with police officers in Kota Tinggi. A [man's] best friend is a dog. We will help [with] the [dog's] operation cost."

Kuan revealed in an earlier Facebook post that Johnny suffered from serious injuries to his stomach and had a broken leg.

When the three police officers at the roadblock found out about it, despite having little money to spare, Kuan said the police officers waited until dawn to rush Johnny to an animal clinic.

"This is how resolute they were even though their pockets did not have much money. With that said, they were determined to send Johnny to a clinic to save his life," Kuan wrote.

"Well done to all of you. Congratulations to Johor police for producing police officers with noble hearts."

Kuan said he would bring Johnny to a veterinarian in Johor Bahru for further treatment, before adding that the medical cost may go into the thousands

The police officers told Kuan that they would contribute however much they could to save the dog as "that is their buddy who accompanies them in the middle of the silent nights".

"Despite heavy rains, Johnny keeps them company. As their buddy, the three police officers will share money to treat Johnny," he said.

In an update yesterday, 31 May, Kuan learned that the cost could go over RM6,000. He said the clinic in Johor Bahru advised him to take Johnny to an orthopaedic specialist to have a look at Johnny's leg bone.

Kuan also noted the overwhelming response from his followers who had asked him to start a fund to collect money for Johnny's medical fees

"Many are 'kan cheong' to help Johnny. This is (why) Malaysia is the best. Regardless of race, Malay and Indian, and Chinese, all of you asked me to open a fund," said the activist.

"You all are really great. Love all of you. Johnny will definitely smile later."

Kuan, in the latest update, revealed that the cost to amputate Johnny's leg is RM3,000 and needed someone to go to the veterinarian to pay a RM180 fee, which cannot be paid online. 

He said the police officers had paid the RM180 fee.

Watch one of the police officers play with Johnny at the roadblock here:

Last month, Kuan received the Commonwealth Points of Light Award for his countless acts of charity to the community:

In March, a group of motorists teamed up to rescue a dog running aimlessly on a busy street in Kuala Lumpur:

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