Malaysians Working Together To Rescue Lost Poodle In KL Will Melt Your Heart

The poodle, named Dafi, had been missing for almost two weeks.

Cover image via Fatin Syahirah/Steven Chong (Facebook) & Steven Chong (Facebook)

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In a heroic feat, a group of motorcyclists quickly teamed up to rescue a terrified dog from running aimlessly on a busy street in Kuala Lumpur

In a viral video of the incident, several road users were seen slowing down their vehicles to chase a poodle named Dafi β€” who had been lost for almost two weeks β€” on a highway in front of EkoCheras shopping mall.

The motorcyclists tried their best to catch the dog and stop it from sprinting between moving cars. However, the distressed animal kept evading their grasps.

At one point, a motorist even dived and fell flat on the ground to stop Dafi from running into oncoming traffic

After a suspenseful two-minute chase, about 10 motorcyclists, including several Grab and foodpanda delivery riders, came together to finally corner Dafi to safety at the side of the road.

A motorcyclist then caught Dafi and brought the dog home to be reunited with its rightful owner.

The video went viral, not only on Facebook, but also on Twitter and TikTok, with netizens applauding the teamwork by the kind souls

"Guys, guys, you all have to watch this! This is how Malaysia should be. All foodpanda and Grab drivers and all the other car and bike riders, they helped a Chinese man catch their poodle puppy! I can't stop smiling and being happy," said a Twitter user.

Image via Twitter

Meanwhile, a Facebook user said, "Thanks to all the kind people of all races that stopped to help, especially our abang-abang food delivery heroes. Hope the person who rescued Dafi will return him soon."

Image via Facebook

Another said, "I love watching Malaysians helping one another, including animals. Thank you for saving Dafi and from stopping him from running into the middle of the road. I hope Dafi gets happily returned to his owner."

Image via Facebook

In a happy ending, Dafi's worried owner, Steven Chong, managed to track down the man after watching the viral video

Chong had previously shared on Facebook that a boarding facility lost Dafi while in their care.

"Last Tuesday, 12 April, I placed my dog at Pets Way, Taman Segar because I went outstation for work. I was informed that they lost my dog because they accidentally left the door open and my dog ran out," he said, urging social media users to help him find his dog.

On Monday, 26 April, the owner happily updated that the ordeal was over after he got in contact with the good Samaritan, Mr Siva, who took Dafi in.

"I met Mr Siva at 6.30pm and brought Dafi home. He's still in shock and looks quiet," Chong wrote.

"I am so grateful for everyone of you who has been trying to help and I can't thank you enough. Bless all of you, my fellow Malaysians."

Watch the viral video here:

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