OKU Perfume Seller's Business Booms After Kind Malaysians Support His Online Store

Mr Foo's business went viral after a netizen stumbled upon his livestream that was not doing too well.

Cover image via Chia Keat (YouTube) & @BlieseHQ (Twitter)

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A disabled perfume seller received overwhelming support from Malaysians after many were inspired by how committed he was to his online business

Twitter user @shykinn first found out about Foo Chia Keat when she stumbled upon the seller's livestream on Shopee.

She said the seller only had seven viewers, but she was moved when she realised that he was a person with disabilities (OKU).

"I just went in to see what he was selling. Then, I stalked his profile and found out he sells home and car fragrances," she said, impressed.

"He speaks Bahasa Melayu very fluently. Please support him guys. I'm sure he would be very happy if lots of people buy his items," she told her Twitter followers.

She then shared a screenshot of his online store that showed he had only managed to sell four bottles so far.

The tweet quickly took off, gaining nearly 45,000 retweets and going viral in a span of a few days

Since she posted the Tweet on Saturday, 17 April, Foo received countless orders from caring Malaysians who went to support his business.

Even Bliese, the company whose products he is an agent for, congratulated him for his booming sales on their official Twitter account.

"Mr Foo recorded five-figure sales in less than 24 hours!" they exclaimed, thanking his kind customers and @shykinn for the support.

Foo received so many orders that he even had to close his shop for awhile to keep up with the high demand

Bliese shared that their new celebrity staff has since gone back to their headquarters to replenish his stock and has been hard at work packing orders individually for his customers.

Foo also took to his Facebook profile to thank the people who has helped boost his sales in the last few days.

"Thank you for supporting my business and for making me go viral on Twitter. I've got many orders now. I will work hard but my stock is limited, if there is not enough, I may have to cancel some orders first," he said.

The story has warmed many Malaysians' hearts, with netizens thanking both @shykinn and Bliese for bringing Foo's business to their attention

"Some heroes don't wear capes, they wear pajamas at home while scrolling! Thanks for being a heroine, may Allah bless you always @shykinn!" said a Twitter user.

"Thank you Bliese for giving uncle the opportunity to open a business," said another.

Meanwhile, many more said they were just so happy to see Mr Foo hard at work and wished him continued success.

"Alhamdulilah, I'm happy for him. So cute! Wish his business continues to grow! Amin," said a netizen.

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