Perak Family Spends 7 Months Of MCO Planting Beautiful Japanese Garden In Front Yard

"We decided to plant this garden because we wanted to fulfil my mum's wish."

Cover image via Adnil Usi San (Facebook)

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A family in Perak transformed their barren front lawn during the Movement Control Order (MCO) to make their mother's dream of having a beautiful Japanese rose garden come true

Facebook user Linda Sanusi shared that since her family has been back at their childhood home in Perak for the past seven months, they decided to take on the makeover project.

"We decided to plant this garden because we wanted to fulfil my mum's wish," Linda told SAYS.

"She has always liked gardening since she was young and it's been a childhood dream for her to plant a flower and vegetable garden since so long ago, so that's why we did this."

Linda and her mother embarked on the project by first buying Japanese rose cuttings online

She said the flowers were actually inexpensive and that they easily found the duna and grandy variety of Japanese roses on Shopee.

"We only spent about RM100 in total. We cut stems from the older plants and, over the seven months, just kept replanting the cuttings," she revealed.

She added that the flowers were also easy to grow despite the barren land and they only had to use fertiliser once since they began in September last year.

Linda added that her childhood home in Perak had actually not been occupied for 20 years

She shared that her parents moved back to her childhood home after her father retired from work in Penang during the pandemic.

So, in addition to the front yard, the family worked on cleaning and renovating the house as well.

Now, the whole family are enjoying the results of their hard work

Linda said that the family was extremely happy to see the garden filled with the colourful roses after they were done.

"The flowers love sunlight and they have been blooming from 9am to 5pm everyday," she happily reported.

She added that the garden requires very little upkeep but her mother enjoys trimming and pruning the flowers to maintain them.

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