"Who Is Mr Hu?" - Sender Name On Shopee Parcels Sparks Discussion Among Netizens

"I bought these all from different shops but the sender is still the same Mr Hu. How have I never realised?"

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The pandemic has definitely made more Malaysians get used to the idea of shopping online from the comfort of their own home

Interestingly, the surge in online shopping has also led to a funny observation among many online shoppers.

A Tweet recently went viral, garnering nearly 20,000 likes and 17,000 retweets, with netizens noticing that all of their Shopee parcels from China came from the same sender: Mr Hu.

Netizens laughed at the realisation and shared pictures of their own parcels

"I just got this today. Thank you, Mr Hu," said a Twitter user.

Another immediately ran back to pick up her parcel wrappers after seeing the Tweet.

"Yes, I bought these all from different shops but the sender is still the same Mr Hu. How have I never realised?" they wondered.

Meanwhile, an amused netizen shared that all of their colleague's numerous parcels that day came from the one and only Mr Hu.

All this begs the question: Who is Mr Hu?

Some netizens had their own explanations.

Someone said it was most likely that Mr Hu is the manager of the Shopee warehouse in China.

"Guys, for your information, all the items that we buy from Shopee, especially from sellers from China, will be directed to a warehouse. The original sellers don't handle the shipping," a netizen explained.

"So it goes like this: The original seller or supplier will send your shopping to a warehouse, and the people at the warehouse (I bet Mr Hu) handles the shipping."

"I'm sure Mr Hu is the manager of the warehouse, which is why all parcels from China to Malaysia are sent in his name. But imagine, how big must that warehouse be," the netizen added.

Another netizen said it may be likely that Mr Hu is a large supplier of goods in China who had many dropshippers, or sellers, on Shopee.

"If you guys would like to know, we can become dropshippers on Shopee. Many shops on Shopee are dropshippers. That is why Mr Hu is always the sender, maybe he is the supplier, while many people are his dropshippers," they explained.

Either way, it seems to be true as there are other generic names that are specific to other countries and localities too

"If your parcels come from Korea, it has to be Mr Dongjoo Lee," pointed out a Twitter user.

And someone else brought attention to another common name from China: a Mr Chu Wise from Shanghai.

"I think it depends on which warehouse your parcel is sent to. If it is sent to Shenzhen, then it'll be Mr Hu, and if it is sent to Shanghai, then it'll be Mr Chu Wise," said a netizen.

Well, even if you're just a name, thank you for your services, Mr Hu!

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