16 Daiso Items You Never Knew You Needed

The original Marie Kondo: Daiso.

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If there's one thing to love about Daiso, it's that you'll somehow always find useful items you never thought you might need

Although you can also find some alternatives at RM2 stores, the Japanese retail chain has made its way into most of our homes with their nifty RM5.90 products.

Here are a few Daiso items that you might find surprisingly helpful:

1. Makeup brush cleaner

This is the latest packaging.

Image via Tamara Jayne/SAYS

One of the most popular items is the puff sponge detergent (not to be mistaken with another makeup cleaner also sold at Daiso).

Many reviewers explain how this works wonders to clean makeup brushes and sponges, even if they're oily. 

Its previous packaging used to look like this:

2. Toothpaste squeezer

If you're someone who loves making sure that the toothpaste is squeezed from the bottom, this is a great tool to have.

It also prevents fights with other people at home who squeeze their toothpaste from the middle or who just don't care at all. :p

3. Toothbrush holder

Probably one of the best toilet creations in my eyes, this toothbrush holder is that small detail that helps keep things tidy in your daily routine. 

Instead of dumping your toothbrush into any old cup or laying it around the sink, it can save you on space. It helps that it looks so pretty too!

4. Sink trash holder

If you cook, this little gadget for the sink can make it easier for you to throw bits of trash like eggshells and vegetable peels. It's also good if you're recycling these items as plant fertiliser.

The best part is that you can seal it up to prevent any stench.

5. Stackable and foldable racks

These are good for saving space around the house, especially when storing items on shelves or in cupboards.

Instead of just stuffing packets and bottles all in one place, it can help in making things look neater. The store has several different types of wire racks in multiple colours.

6. Garlic peeler

Although there are a few hacks to peeling garlic, you can try this little tool that requires you to simply roll the garlic and the peel will slide off.

If you have kids, this will keep them occupied while you cook too. :p

Image via ShopReview

7. Dishwashing sponge holder

If you're always losing the dishwashing sponge in the sink, this silicone holder is good for storing it when it's not being used.

It also looks tidier instead of leaving the sponge lying around the sink area.

8. Bottle pump

Instead of pouring liquid out from the spout and potentially spilling it everywhere, this bottle has a special pump that makes it easier for you to remove liquid.

You can use it for your skincare routine if the product requires a cotton pad or cloth or for anything else that you only need a specific amount.

People have raved a lot about this lint remover that's apparently extremely good at removing the biji-biji that develops on clothes. 

Unlike the typical lint rollers, this device can pick out visible fuzzballs within seconds. Take note that it needs a set of batteries to function.

You can see how it works here.

10. Car mini dustbin

This mini trash bin is made to fit most car cup holders. So no more leaving receipts and sweet wrappers lying around the car!

11. Pipette

Here's a little gadget that's good for transferring liquids into smaller containers, especially if you want to carry travel-sized items. Just transfer shampoo and skincare liquids into small bottles with this pipette. 

It's also useful for measuring plant fertiliser and pesticide for all you plant enthusiasts.

12. Stackable containers

Daiso has an assortment of storage containers in different sizes. And the best part is that they can also be stacked.

These are great for organising items, like tools, wires, ingredients, shoes, or beauty products and brushes. Anything really!

13. Vacuum seal storage bags

Even if you're not travelling, these are good for storing away any unused winter clothes or blankets and more.

All you need to do is fold them neatly and use a house vacuum to suck out the air. It's a really easy way to save on storage space. They come in multiple sizes.

Example of vacuuming a storage bag.

Image via A box of happiness (YouTube)

14. Chair leg protectors

Keep your floors scratch-free with these little chair leg caps. It also helps to reduce noise of chairs being dragged around the house. 

15. Melamine sponge

If you're finding it hard to remove stains from tile grooves, tarnished cutlery, or adhesive residue, this melamine sponge is said to be able to clean these and other difficult stains.

Just rub it gently on the parts that you want to clean and they will disappear like magic.

However, I'm all for saving the environment, so only use this if truly necessary. Otherwise, there are other eco-friendly liquids and cleaning agents that you can use on most stains.

16. Stainless steel soap

TBH, I was skeptical of this stainless steel soap bar that everyone has been raving about ever since Daiso started selling them.

But surprisingly, they've been said to work wonders in removing strong odours from your hands, especially garlic, onion, or fish smells. It has something to do with the chemistry between sulphur in food and stainless steel. Apparently, this means that you can also use any stainless steel item around the house.

Just take note that it's meant to be used as odour-eaters and not for hygienic purposes. So you'll still need to use soap if you want your hands thoroughly cleaned.

What other Daiso items do you love using? Let us know!

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