16 Dupes You Can Find In Daiso To Get A Muji-Styled Home

Same same but different.

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I love Muji.

There's just something therapeutic about walking into the store and browsing the aisles, as soothing Japanese lo-fi plays in the background.

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But unless you make a whole lot of money, it usually ends up becoming a window-shopping spree instead.

Or if you're like me, you might spend most of your time in the stationery section because it's the more affordable part of the store. 

Prices aside, I still love Muji. However, I have spotted several similar-looking items at Japan's more "affordable" store – Daiso.

So I decided to compile a list of Muji dupes you can find at Daiso.

Take note that some of the items listed are not exact replicas of each other.

Of course, there are discrepancies like quality differences. For example, Muji's item may be pricier but may also last longer than the one from Daiso.

1. Small container with lid

Muji: RM13.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Similar sizes and almost half the price. 

2. File box

Muji: RM29.90

Daiso: RM5.90

The colours of both these file boxes differ slightly but both look just as good!

3. Storage with handle

Muji: RM12.90

Daiso: RM5.90

4. Toothbrush holders

Muji opaque/transparent: RM29.90

Muji white: RM14.90

Daiso grey/transparent/animals: RM5.90

I feel like everyone needs a Muji toothbrush holder in their life. And they come in so many pretty colours! Daiso also sells them in various designs.

5. Organising trays

Muji: RM8.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Muji: RM8.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Both containers are pretty much similar in size. The price difference is not that much, so you can go with the one you like best!

6. Travel case

- RM34.90 (small)
- RM40.90 (medium)

Daiso: RM5.90 (multiple sizes)

Both stores sell travel cases in a variety of colours and sizes. However, after checking multiple Daiso branches, I discovered that not all of them have the same sizes - so just take note that if one store doesn't have it, another might!

7. Bath lily

Muji: RM8.90

Daiso: RM5.90

I've used several "cheaper" bath lilies and the conclusion is that sometimes it's better to invest in the higher quality one because it tends to last longer.

8. Stationery storage

Muji: RM35.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Although Muji's one is smaller, there are other types and sizes available in both stores - this was one of the closest dupes I found.

9. Mesh case

Muji: RM21.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Quality-wise, the Muji version definitely felt a lot sturdier than Daiso's case but for the price? No complaints.

10. Makeup storage with partitions

Muji: RM12.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Both versions are almost identical to each other. A definite steal!

11. Accessories storage

Muji: RM12.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Different sizes yet both handy, depending on what you'd like to store. These containers are extremely useful for keeping medicine, accessories, and any other small knick-knacks.

12. PET refillable bottles

Muji 600ml: RM19.90

Daiso 600ml: RM5.90

Muji 400ml: RM16.90

Daiso 400ml: RM5.90

The differences in quality are pretty obvious between Muji and Daiso's PET bottles. I personally like the Muji ones a lot better. 

However, if you're just looking for something that does its job then Daiso's versions are worth the price.

13. Spray refillable bottles

Muji: About RM7.90 to RM13.90 (depending on its size)

Daiso: RM5.90 (multiple sizes)

Both stores hold tons of spray bottle options. There's a size for almost anything.

14. Sticky notes

Muji: RM4.90

Daiso: RM5.90

Although Muji's unbleached sticky notes are RM1 cheaper, Daiso's version has 400 sheets, which is at least three times the amount.

After having tried both, Muji's sticky notes are a lot better to invest in the long run because of its quality. Daiso's ones did not stick very well but are useful for temporary usage.

15. Eyelash curler

Muji: RM24.90

Daiso: RM5.90

16. Stainless steel card case

Muji: RM21.90

Daiso: RM5.90

What other similar-looking Muji items have you seen in Daiso? Let us know!

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