Malaysians Of Different Races Band Together To Rescue Baby Who Was Left Inside Car

Facebook user Caiyun said the incident highlighted the spirit of unity among Malaysians.

Cover image via Caiyun 彩云/Facebook

An incident showing how a group of Malaysians band together to rescue a baby left alone inside a vehicle has gone viral on Facebook

The incident was brought to light by netizen Caiyun on Tuesday, 25 August.

In her Facebook post, Caiyun said when she was heading to her car after shopping at a mall, she saw a group of Malaysians gathering beside a vehicle next to hers.

Before getting into her car, she overheard the group talking about a baby being left inside the car.

"From their conversation, we learned that a baby was left alone inside the car after they heard the baby's cries," Caiyun said.

"I immediately took a photo of it and rushed to the mall's customer service counter to report the case."

While she was away, Caiyun said the group of Malay shoppers stayed by the baby's side to ensure it was safe

"I went upstairs to find the customer service, but the customer service told us that the broadcasting system was broken, hence broadcasting (to alert the baby's guardian) could not be carried out," she revealed.

"Then I went back to the parking lot. (We) didn't know what to do and didn't dare to open the car rashly." 

The group of concerned shoppers was in a dilemma to either call the police, to break the vehicle's window and rescue the baby, or patiently wait for the baby's parents to come back to the vehicle.

Just as they were discussing to contact the police, two security guards on duty came over to check on the situation

Caiyun said the Indian security guard, as seen in the photo, decided to break the small window behind the passenger seat.

"He slid (his hands) through the rear seat window to unlock the car, and then took the baby out," she said.

"The baby is very tiny and it looks like it was just born only recently."

After sorting out some details, Caiyun said the group took the baby into the mall and she left the scene.

In a follow-up with the manager of the mall, Caiyun said the baby's mother came to her baby 15 minutes after Caiyun left

According to Caiyun, the mother said she left the baby in the car because she was afraid that the child was too young to enter the mall due to factors concerning COVID-19.

However, the manager told Caiyun that the mall does not have a rule that disallows children or elderly shoppers to enter its premise.

"The mother also said there was no one to take care of her baby, hence she decided to bring it together," Caiyun said.

"I hope this mother has learned the lesson and not do that next time. She might not be so lucky every time."

Speaking to SAYS, she reminded netizens not to leave comments that will hurt or attack the baby's mother, citing that all mothers love their children.

In retrospect, Caiyun said the incident has proven the spirit of unity among Malaysians

Image via SINAR/Facebook

"The Malays guarded the car and did not dare to leave the baby, as a Chinese, I immediately sought help (from the mall), and the Indian security guard unlocked the car to rescue the baby," she wrote in an update.

This is the true portrayal of the three major races supporting and respecting each other, a spirit that is instilled since we are young in school.

She ended the post by saying that she is a proud Malaysian.

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