Penang Uncle Celebrates Chinese New Year By Feeding Students At Neighborhood Tahfiz School

God bless this uncle's kind soul.

Cover image via Penang Kini

We're used to hearing stories of people receiving mandarin oranges and ang pows on Chinese New Year.

However, students at a tahfiz centre in Penang received a whole goat from one kind uncle.

Image via Penang Kini

On 28 January, Penang Kini wrote on Facebook that a man named Ah Hang had gifted Maahad Tahfiz Insan Syamil Darul A'la a whole goat to be cooked and eaten.

The post read, "Fariz Al Haj shared that this morning that Ah Hang had invited him to his house for Chinese New Year. He then gave Fariz a whole goat and said that it was for the tahfiz school. 'Take this goat and feed it to all the children. Sincerely from me,' he said."

Image via Penang Kini

To ensure that the food is halal, Ah Hang gave the school a live goat.

Muslim teachers and students at the tahfiz centre then slaughtered the goat according to Islamic guidelines.

Penang Kini revealed that the uncle is contractor who also rears livestock.

Image via Penang Kini
Image via Penang Kini

Netizens were moved by the uncle's generosity and they wish him well

One person commented, "To mister Ah Hang, I pray that you will get multiple blessings and may you be granted good health."

Image via Penang Kini

A netizen said, "You're the best, uncle. May all the different races in Malaysia respect one another."

Image via Penang Kini

"May you be granted good health and be avoided from anything bad," said another Facebook user.

Image via Penang Kini

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