Precious Uncle In Thailand Volunteers To Take Pictures Of Tourists With DIY Leaf 'Filter'

Must protecc at all costs.

Cover image via Twitter @epathekiddo

We are all too familiar with the struggle of asking random strangers to take photos of ourselves while we're travelling

The outcome isn't always great.


Image via Piximus

One particular uncle in Thailand recently went viral for his method of taking pictures for tourists

A woman, who goes by the username @epathekiddo or Epa, shared that she was on holiday with her family in Krabi when an uncle offered to take a photo of them.

She wrote, "We thought this was just a regular uncle. But when we were busy trying to take a picture, he came up and volunteered to do it for us. Then, he suddenly took off his hat. We were so confused."

With the woman's phone in hand, the uncle, who is actually a cleaner at the location, suddenly pulled a few leaves out of his hat

He then held it up and placed it carefully in front of the phone camera

The result?

A beautiful family photo inside a heart-shaped frame.

The uncle's super creative technique impressed a lot of netizens.

A few people even recognised him from when they visited Krabi.

The post has since garnered 24,700 retweets and 34,000 likes.

Twitter user @lyaaanuar_ wrote, "When I went the other day, he took photos of my brother's family too!"

Someone asked if the uncle requested for any money but it turns out, he only does it for fun.

"He didn't charge us, he just went back to sweeping," Epa replied.

Another netizen also got to meet the uncle. He said, "Same here! Wow, now the uncle is viral. By the way, his name is Abdul Rahman and he's about 70 years old."

Other users just couldn't help but mention how cute the uncle is.

He is too pure for this world. Must protecc at all costs.

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