RM1 Note, Telur Mata, And Other Hilarious Instagram Filters Every Malaysian Will Love

The Berita Utama one is my personal fav.

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Instagram stories first introduced face filters in May 2018 and I've been abusing the feature ever since

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Since then, Instagram has raised their game and now anyone can create and upload their own face filters using Spark AR Studio.

Here's a list of super fun face filters by Malaysian and Indonesian creators that you HAVE to try out:

1. Turn yourself into a walking RM1 note with this filter by @khalladli

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Now, if only I could change my selfies into actual money. Try it out for yourself by going onto his Instagram profile here. 

2. Live your newscaster dreams with 'Berita Utama' by @alhakimchai

It even comes with the breaking news music in the background.

3. Embrace patriotic vibes with the Jalur Gemilang on your face

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This filter is also by @alhakimchai, and here's our senior content specialist showing you how you can use it. He isn't even Malaysian, but he wishes he was.

4. Be the mata in this telur mata

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If you absolutely love eggs, you'll absolutely love this filter by @mas.bruh.

5. Unlike the real thing, this box of contraband cigarettes won't affect your health

This filter by @driyanata is inspired by the infamous 'Gudang Garam' cigarettes (which are illegal in Malaysia, btw).

6. You can also become a floating satay stick, if that's your thing

Image via SAYS

As you can see, we couldn't hold back our laughter.

Who even comes up with these things? Well, @mas.bruh did.

7. Wear a bowl of noodles on your head with this filter by @dixxieland

You can now wear the chicken bowl we all know and love as a hat, thanks to @dixxieland.

8. Last but not least, you can also put your face on an Indomie packet

Image via SAYS

Another gem by @mas.bruh that we just had to include in the list. It's too funny!

There are a few ways for you access these effects:

You can go to the filter creator's Instagram profile and follow them.

This will make all the filters they've designed automatically show up when you open your Instagram Stories camera. 

Or you can follow these steps to discover fun filters for yourself:

1. Open your Instagram Stories camera and click on the filter name at the bottom of the screen.
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2. A menu will pop up with the 'browse effects' option.
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3. Click on it and have fun browsing through hundreds of creative filters!
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Have fun trying these out for yourself! Let us know which ones you like the most in the comment section!

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