Cuci Your Mata With Pics Of Mister Global Malaysia & 37 More Contestants In Their Costumes

The national costume segment is the most colourful part of any beauty pageant.

Cover image via Mister Global

The buff contestants of Mister Global are getting quite a lot of attention lately after portraits of them in their respective national costumes went viral on social media, with over 27,000 shares on Facebook at the time of writing

The annual Mister Global beauty pageant is relatively new, having debuted in 2014. Past winners include Myanmar, Vietnam, Czech Republic, Brazil, and USA. 

Check out our very own Mister Malaysia's get-up:

Without further ado, feast your eyes on the other 37 Mister Global 2019 contestants in their respective National Costumes... and a very weird flex from Mister USA:

1. Indonesia

2. Brazil

3. Chile

4. China

5. Cuba

6. Czech Republic

7. Dominican Republic

8. Egypt

9. Guam

10. Haiti

11. Hong Kong

12. India

13. Japan

14. Korea (winnah)

15. Laos

16. Mexico

17. Myanmar

18. Nepal

19. Nigeria

20. North Cyprus

21. Panama

22. Peru

23. Philippines

24. Poland

25. Portugal

26. Puerto Rico

27. South Africa

28. Spain

29. Sri Lanka

30. Sweden

31. Switzerland

32. Taiwan

33. Thailand

34. Togo

35. Tunisia

36. USA

37. Vietnam

Which country's national costume is your favourite? Let us know your pick in the comments section!

If you think the entries are over-the-top, wait 'til you see the national costumes displayed at Miss Universe pageants:

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