What Miss Universe Malaysia's Nasi Lemak Dress Looks Like Compared To 91 Other Countries

Someone actually brought a lamp post...?

Cover image via Miss Universe

After all the hoo-ha surrounding Miss Universe Malaysia's national costume, Samantha Katie James finally presented the infamous nasi lemak dress at the Miss Universe 2017 pageant in Las Vegas over the weekend

Apart from the get-up that was unveiled last month, Miss Universe Malaysia Samantha Katie James also brought with her a set of giant glittery cutlery to accompany the dress.

The National Costume Show was held at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas on Saturday, 25 November ahead of the grand event on 26 November, where contestants from 92 countries and territories vied for the title of Miss Universe 2017. 

So, how did the nasi lemak dress stack up against the other contestants'? From the kinda "meh" to the outlandishly extra, here's what the other contestants wore to represent their countries (by alphabetical order):

1. Miss Albania

2. Miss Angola

Image via Miss Universe

3. Miss Argentina

That's a gorgeous gown... but we still can't figure out why she's carrying a street lamp post. 

4. Miss Aruba

5. Miss Australia

The white folds are supposed to represent the Sydney Opera House while the sparkly things on her back are fireworks.

6. Miss Austria

7. Miss Bahamas

8. Miss Barbados

Image via Rappler

9. Miss Belgium

Image via Cosmopolitan

10. Miss Bolivia

11. Miss Brazil

12. Miss British Virgin Islands

Image via Cosmopolitan

13. Miss Bulgaria

14. Miss Cambodia

Image via Miss Universe

15. Miss Canada

Image via Miss Universe

Inspired by the Canadian Rocky Mountains, Miss Canada's fluffy Ice Queen costume actually looks much better up close, especially the head dress and collar:

16. Miss Cayman Islands

17. Miss Chile

18. Miss China

Image via Cosmopolitan

19. Miss Colombia

20. Miss Costa Rica

21. Miss Croatia

22. Miss Curaçao

23. Miss Czech Republic

24. Miss Dominican Republic

25. Miss Ecuador

Miss Ecuador's gown has an interchangeable train!

26. Miss Egypt

27. Miss El Salvador

28. Miss Ethiopia

29. Miss Finland

30. Miss France

If you're wondering why France's national costume features a giant Olympics logo, it's because Paris was just announced as the host for the 2024 Summer Olympics earlier this year. 

31. Miss Georgia

32. Miss Germany

Yep, it's basically a Snow White costume. 

33. Miss Ghana

34. Miss Great Britain

35. Miss Guam

36. Guatemala

37. Miss Guyana

38. Miss Haiti

39. Miss Honduras

Image via Rappler

40. Miss Iceland

Image via Cosmopolitan

The first Viking-inspired ensemble of the night, Miss Iceland's costume features a feathered cow skull headpiece and is armed with an awesome bejewelled axe! 

41. Miss India

42. Miss Indonesia

Image via Cosmopolitan

Inspired by the orang utan, Miss Indonesia's national costume looks pretty normal... until she turns around and you suddenly find a pair eyes from a stuffed orang utan starring into your soul.

Image via Rappler

43. Miss Iraq

44. Miss Ireland

Image via Cosmopolitan

45. Miss Israel

Looks familiar? That's because Miss Israel's costume is most probably inspired by the 2004 Miss Israel a.k.a. Gal Gadot a.k.a. Wonder Woman!

46. Miss Italy

47. Miss Jamaica

Image via Miss Universe

48. Miss Japan (winner of Best National Costume)

Image via Cosmopolitan

Miss Japan's national costume is actually two ensembles in one! Though it looked like a Japanese samurai warrior's get-up when she walked onstage, it unfurls into a kimono-inspired dress when she unclips her top.

Image via Rappler

49. Miss Kazakhstan

Image via Cosmopolitan

50. Miss Korea

51. Miss Laos

Image via Rappler

52. Miss Lebanon

Image via Cosmopolitan

53. Miss Malta

Image via Cosmopolitan

54. Miss Mauritius

Image via Cosmopolitan

55. Miss Mexico

If you haven't figured it out based on the paint brush and artist's palette, Miss Mexico's national costume is inspired by renowned Mexican painter Frida Kahlo (also evident in the painted-on eyebrows and Kahlo's iconic flower headdress!).

56. Miss Myanmar

Last year's Miss Myanmar won Best National Costume when she dressed up as a marionette theatre. This year's Miss Myanmar took it up a few notches, dressing up as the Myanmar Traditional Orchestra, complete with drums and gongs!

57. Miss Namibia

58. Miss Nepal

59. Miss Netherlands

60. Miss New Zealand

61. Miss Nicaragua

62. Miss Nigeria

Image via Cosmopolitan

63. Miss Norway

Another Viking-inspired costume, this time with a dual-horn helmet, a blue cape, as well as intricate gauntlets and boots. 

64. Miss Panama

65. Miss Paraguay

Image via Cosmopolitan

66. Miss Peru

67. Miss Philippines

Image via Rappler

68. Miss Poland

69. Miss Portugal

70. Miss Puerto Rico

71. Miss Romania

Image via Cosmopolitan

72. Miss Russia

73. Miss Saint Lucia

74. Miss Singapore

Image via Miss Universe

75. Miss Slovak Republic

Image via Cosmopolitan

76. Miss Slovenia

77. Miss South Africa (winner of Miss Universe 2017)

78. Miss Spain

Image via Cosmopolitan

79. Miss Sri Lanka

80. Miss Sweden

81. Miss Tanzania

82. Miss Thailand

Image via Cosmopolitan

Our personal favourite, Miss Thailand's national costume is called "Chasing the Light' and inspired by an ancient story depicting the existence of thunder and lightning, in which she plays the God of Thunder and the doll depicts the God of Lightning. 

Check out the stunning attention to detail on the headdress and, well, the entire costume!

83. Miss Trinidad and Tobago

84. Miss Turkey

Image via Cosmopolitan

85. Miss Ukraine

86. Miss Uruguay

87. Miss USA

She's an atom, btw. 

88. Miss US Virgin Islands

89. Miss Venezuela

Image via Rappler

90. Miss Vietnam

91. Miss Zambia

Image via Cosmopolitan

Which one was your favourite? Let us know in the comments section below!

You can watch the entire National Costume Show HERE:

Miss Universe Malaysia's nasi lemak was much talked about when it was unveiled last month:

Before the nasi lemak craze came along, Miss Universe Malaysia 2016 wore a Twin Towers-inspired costume:

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