Miss Universe Malaysia’s Nasi Lemak Dress Is So Realistic, It Comes With Banana Leaf Wings

Well, at least we finally have a food-themed National Costume!

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We've had nasi lemak burgers, nasi lemak condoms... and now, Miss Universe Malaysia is set to make a bold statement at the upcoming Miss Universe beauty pageant in Las Vegas with a nasi lemak-inspired dress!

Samantha Katie James, reigning Miss Universe Malaysia, will be donning the getup in the National Costume segment of the Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant this 26 November at The AXIS, Las Vegas

This year's entry for Malaysia's National Costume continues our diversion from traditional costumes following last year's much talked-about Twin Towers-inspired costume

To emulate the classic elements of our national dish, the dress is white to represent the rice, complemented by ikan bilis, peanuts, cucumber slices, a sunny-side up egg, and hand-embroidered rhinestones for sambal

Topping off the delicious getup is the pièce de résistance - a pair of massive banana leaf wings, which - according to Samantha - are actually pretty light. 

The nasi lemak gown, a creation by local designer Brian Khoo, took a month to make. Apparently, he spent about 400 embroidering rhinestones onto the dress.

Seeing as nasi lemak has been one of the biggest and most-discussed trends this year, people were quick to share their ~opinions~ about the dress:

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On the other hand, some think that the dress stands out and a pretty classy way of shading Singapore's nasi lemak burger (heh):

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Samantha will be competing in the Miss Universe 2017 beauty pageant next month on 26 November in Las Vegas. Good luck in the pageant, Samantha!

Thanks to nasi lemak burgers and condoms, nasi lemak has been a pretty hot topic among Malaysians. We try them out:

Also, remember that time Pappa Rich Australia almost broke the Internet when they posted an ad featuring an ang moh eating nasi lemak with *gasp!* chopsticks?

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