Dear PappaRich Australia, This Is Not How Malaysians Eat Nasi Lemak

Chopsticks lul.

Cover image via PappaRich Australia Facebook / imgflip

First off, did you know that Malaysian food chain PappaRich is super popular in Australia?

Image via Expat Gourmand

Yep, it's not unusual to see a line forming outside a PappaRich outlet down under, especially during peak hours. It's nice to know they love Malaysian cuisine over there!

Anyway, PappaRich Australia recently announced a one-day promotion for their signature nasi lemak. Sure, the AUD2 (RM6.62) price tag is a pretty good deal, but it's the accompanying photo that caught everyone's attention...

Why on earth are they eating nasi lemak with CHOPSTICKS?!

It'll take you like, five hours to finish that plate of nasi lemak with chopsticks, mate.

Tbh, we don't know whether to laugh or feel offended. Needless to say, PappaRich's comments section was inundated with Malaysians dragging the restaurant for the cultural boo-boo.

"I like this picture but it's not Asian enough. Oh, I know... let's give them chopsticks!" - The art director, probably.

However, some suggested that the "mistake" might have been done on purpose to generate engagement and attention for the ad

If so, it definitely worked in their favour because a lot of people showed up to that particular PappaRich branch for the nasi lemak promo

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Meanwhile, the original post has since been removed from PappaRich Australia's Facebook page.

What do you think - ignorant mistake, or planned marketing gimmick? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below!

Aside from PappaRich, these Malaysian food brands are also a big hit overseas:

We might have to add GO Noodle to that list pretty soon, as they will be opening their first overseas outlet in Melbourne this year: