GO Noodle House Is Opening Its First Overseas Outlet In Melbourne This December

The popular noodle chain is going places!

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Since opening its first outlet in 2014, GO Noodle House has quickly cemented its place as the go-to restaurant for when you need a comforting bowl of hot noodle soup to fill your tummy

Co-founded by long-time friends Lee Hon Wai, Alvin Tan Kok Meng, and Mok Wai Peun, GO Noodle House has quickly grown from their first outlet in Jaya One to almost 20 outlets across Malaysia in a span of three years.

Having just celebrated their third anniversary this year, the chain is already looking into expanding beyond Malaysia. First stop - Melbourne, Australia.

At the time of writing, the exact location of the outlet as well as the exact opening date has yet to be determined. Co-founder Alvin did, however, imply that it's most probably gonna be at the end of December this year.

So, why did GO Noodle choose to open their first overseas outlet in Melbourne? We spoke to co-founders Alvin and Mok, and found out that both of them used to study in the Australian city some years ago.

From left: GO Noodle co-founders Lee Hon Wai, Alvin Tan, Mok Wai Peun, and Operations Director Steve Haw.

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"We know the place very well. Melbourne has a sizeable Asian population, and we've spent enough time there to get to know Asian market as well," Alvin said.

However, that doesn't mean that they are only targetting the Asian population. In fact, they believe that the locals are familiar enough with Chinese cuisine that they will also be receptive to GO Noodle's brand of mi xian.

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Alvin revealed that only half of the existing menu will be brought over to the Melbourne outpost, as some fresh ingredients are not allowed to be shipped to Australia.

Mok further explained that they are currently working with a partner in Australia to adapt GO Noodle's dishes for Australian consumers.

"He's in the F&B line, very experienced and has his own brand as well. With his experience, he'll be able to tell us what's good and what's not over there," he said, adding that they are also looking into incorporating Australia's fresh produce into the menu.

Moving forward, GO Noodle House also has plans to expand to other countries outside of Malaysia, such as Hong Kong, Singapore, and Taiwan

"We have received enquiries from potential partners in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan, the Philippines, and Indonesia. We are open to proposals for more outlets outside of Malaysia if we can identify foreign partners who have deep local knowledge of their respective markets," they said.

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We love the bursting meat balls. ;)

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