You Can Now Have Indomie With Beef Ribs And Lamb Chops At This New Cafe In KL

Their kickass sambal makes it even more syok!

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Anyone who's ever had Indomie knows just how insanely sedap these packs of Indonesian instant noodles are

Whether you're having late-night cravings or are just in the mood for something simple yet yummy, Indomie never disappoints.

You know it's awesome when rappers dedicate a whole song to Indomie.

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And now there's a cafe in KL dedicated to these awesome noodles!

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Located in Sungai Besi, IndoBowl opened its doors early last month and serves up Indomie with a twist

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As if the Indomie-focused menu isn't exciting enough, the cafe offers a colourful menu that pairs the instant noodles with some next-level side dishes, ranging from satay and seafood to chicken chop and beef ribs.

The Australian lamb chops are a popular side dish choice here, served with a runny sunny side up for extra decadence

The party-ready Mumbo Jumbo platter is the true crowd-favourite here. This massive serving of Indomie comes complete with satay, chicken chop, steak, and ribs!

Indomie has never looked so good!

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Here's the star that completes each dish: the sambal! Available in both merah and hijau options, the authentic Indonesian-style condiment gives the dishes that extra kick.

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While the green sambal is relatively milder, the red sambal is recommended for those craving a sweat-inducing, tongue-burning meal.

IndoBowl is a pork-free cafe and is currently on its way to being halal-certified

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Ready for some epic Indomie? Get the full details on the cafe here:

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Address: 72, Lake Fields, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur

Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm*

IndoBowl on Facebook | Instagram

*Note: With the increased traffic to the cafe, the cafe tends to have sold out earlier than closing time. Before making a trip there, check their updates on Facebook or Instagram to know if they're open.

The love for Indomie is real!

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