This 84-Year-Old Grandpa With 35,000 Instagram Followers Is Japan's Latest Hypebeast


Cover image via @slvr.tty/Instagram

Look out, hypebeasts. There's a new kid on the block and he's rockin' streetwear like a pro.

Meet 84-year-old Silver Tetsuya, also known as 'Ninju'.

The former teacher, who hails from Akita, Japan, has become an Instagram sensation and amassed 35,400 followers within just one week

Ninju's newfound fame can be credited to his grandson who decided to dress his grandpa up in his clothing one day and took photos of him

He posted the photos on Twitter, which have received over 72,400 retweets since they were uploaded on Wednesday, 8 May.

The photos received such a phenomenal response from the public that he decided to set up an Instagram account for his sporting grandfather to continue his fashion shoots

Every photo is captioned with a complete breakdown on where each piece of clothing and accessory is from.

According to SoraNews24, some of the photos are also accompanied with deep quotes such as "I'm part of the generation that thought having your picture taken would steal your soul," and "I can only hear the sound of waves."

There's even adorable shot of the hipster grandpa with his wife, Chizuko

You're a true inspiration, Ninju.

You can follow Grandpa Ninju on Instagram here.

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