Landlord Wins Netizens' Praise For Waiving Mak Cik's Rental Fee During The MCO

Siti Shabariya Sahlan said the landlord waived the rental fee, not just a deferment.

Cover image via Siti Shabariya Sahlan/Facebook

With the Movement Control Order (MCO) being extended and now lasting for a month, many out-of-work Malaysians are starting to feel the pinch

In light of this, many Malaysians have started practising generosity and kindness to help others in need.

Among them is this landlord who decided to waive the monthly rental fee for a mak cik and her husband during the MCO.

In a now-viral post on Wednesday, 25 March, netizen Siti Shabariya Sahlan shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp conversation between her husband and her mother-in-law's landlord

In it, the landlord - only known as Eng - told Siti's husband that he does not have to pay the rental of his house next month.

"Adik, you do not have to pay for the rental for April next month because all of us are struggling to make money due to the COVID-19 outbreak," Eng texted. 

"Use the rental money to help your family instead. Send my regards to your father too. Salam."

Upon receiving the message, Siti's husband quickly thanked Eng for the special arrangement

"Thank you so much, encik," Siti's husband responded.

"Even though we do not share the same religion, but you have always been kind to our family. Thank you so much again."

To which Eng replied, "You are welcome. We have to always help each other. Take care."

Siti's husband then wished Eng good luck and great fortune ahead.

According to Siti, the rental fee for her mother-in-law's house is RM600 a month.

Speaking to SAYS, Siti said her mother-in-law has been renting the house in Taman Mulia Jaya, Ampang for over 15 years

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"Encik Eng is very kind and considerate," she related.

Siti said her mother-in-law is not facing any financial difficulty because the rental and utility bills are shared by a few of her sons.

"Our landlord is just good-hearted. He texted us to inform us about waiving the rental fee for the month. Not deferment but giving us a free rental," Siti explained, "We are so lucky to have a landlord like Eng."

Siti then urged Malaysians to help each other during the MCO.

"In trying time like this, let us all be united to lighten the burden of our brothers and sisters regardless of religion or race because all of us have the same goal... and that is to live a peaceful life," she added.

At the time of writing, Siti's Facebook post has garnered 12,000 shares, with over 1,500 comments

Many netizens were amazed by the landlord's compassion, while some said in jest that they hope their landlords will do the same.

"I felt like crying reading the conversation. The landlord is so pure-hearted lah," a Malaysian wrote.

Another person commented, "I hope my landlord read this." A netizen then asked the commenter to tag his landlord in the post so that they can see it.

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"In a situation like this, it is important that we stay united. Just because one or two people are racist doesn't mean all Malaysians should fight. I hope that one day Malaysia will have anti-racist laws. Peace," said a Facebook user.

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You can read Siti's full post here:

baiknya owner rumah sewa mak mertua aku ni.. ps:sewa rumah rm600 weihh

Posted by Siti Shabariya Sahlan on Wednesday, March 25, 2020

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