Johor Police Buys Groceries For A Starving Family They Found Outside During MCO

When asked to go home, the family revealed that they didn't have any food or money.

Cover image via Polis Johor/Facebook

Two policemen in Johor Bahru recently went viral for going above and beyond to help a family in need

On Friday, 26 March, the Johor Police Facebook page wrote about two officers who helped a couple they found outside with a child while they were enforcing the Movement Control Order (MCO).

The post has since garnered 6,800 comments and 11,000 shares.

Upon finding the family at a playground, the officers ordered them to go home and comply with the MCO.

The mother immediately broke into tears and explained that they did not have any food at home and could not afford to buy supplies.

The post read, "The policemen took the family to a grocery store to buy food and even bought milk formula for the one-year-old child. The officer said that the toddler was only fed Milo and sugar from her baby bottle."

It is also mentioned that the small family lives in a rented room at Taman Tampoi Indah. The father stopped working part-time in Singapore as he is unable to obtain a work permit. Meanwhile, the wife works as a janitor at Larkin but has been forced to take leave.

"Thank you to Corporal Mohd Hisham Mustafa and Constable Mudrikah Nazirul Nordin who offered a helping hand to the family. We truly hope that the couple will receive the aid they need," the caption added.

Netizens were touched by the story and left kind words for the police officers

One person wrote, "May these two police officers be blessed and granted good health. Protect these policemen and other officers who tirelessly fight against COVID-19. Protect those who have pure hearts and help other citizens in need. Only Allah can repay your kindness. May you and your family always be in Allah's grace."

Image via Facebook

"Good job, PDRM. Hopefully our Prime Minister and the government can quickly come up with a good plan during this crisis to help the rakyat," commented another netizen.

Image via Facebook

Another netizen said, "Oh, Allah. So touched to see these generous policemen. May they be blessed and granted good health."

Image via Facebook

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