Good Doggo Spotted In Singapore Helping Owner Carry Groceries

Such a good boi.

Cover image via @p0nyooooo (TikTok)

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A really good boi was recently spotted helping his owner in the cutest way while walking along a street in Singapore

In a TikTok video posted by @p0nyooooo, a woman is seen carrying bags in both hands, presumably after a grocery run, while a doggo happily trots beside her.

In his mouth, the dog also carries a plastic bag, presumably filled with groceries.

According to Mothership, the video clip appears to have been taken around Block 125 in Geylang East Avenue 1.

The 15-second clip shows the adorable pair walking next to each other along the street as cars pass by

"Bestest boi in town," reads her caption, as she captures the very focused but hardworking doggo. Distracted by nothing and determined to just be a good boi.

The video has received over 40,800 likes since it was posted yesterday, 6 July.

Unbeknown to the focused animal, the Internet has been praising him for being so helpful and adorable

Image via TikTok

Truly man's best friend. :')

Watch the heartwarming video below:

On a different note, this cute dog made it clear that he didn't want to return home after an evening walk:

Here are other good bois doing good boi things:

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