Cheeky Dog Makes Veterinarian Carry Him Home After He Gets Lazy During An Evening Walk

"Four legs stepped out, two legs went home."

Cover image via @marliazulkapli (TikTok)

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Dr Marlia has been a dedicated veterinarian and caretaker for numerous animals at her clinic, Marlia Veterinary Enterprise.

However, her journey hasn't been without its fair share of challenges... even if those challenges have you laughing uncontrollably.

A recent TikTok has been making waves on the Internet after Dr Marlia shared a clip of one of her fellow vets, Ida, during a walk with one of their in-house dogs, Ortu.

In the 28-second clip, Dr Marlia can be seen driving towards a series of shoplots. As she approaches the corner, Dr Marlia sees Ida carefully lifting Ortu's two front paws to make him walk forward.

As she sees Dr Marlia, Ida tells her that Ortu is refusing to walk home. Ida then places Ortu's paws on the ground before the pup just stands there, completely unbothered.

After Dr Marlia attempts to reason with Ortu to follow Ida back to the clinic, Ida casually shrugs her shoulders before picking up his front paws once again to get him to walk to the clinic. Cute yet comical at the same time, Ida walks backwards as she guides Ortu forward, who still refused to walk any further than what he already had.

Screen grabs of Ida and Ortu from the TikTok.

Image via @marliazulkapli (TikTok)

Sharing a brief story about Ortu in the caption of the TikTok, Dr Marlia stated that she and her clinic had chosen to adopt and take care of Ortu last year after he was rescued by an animal activist.

Having recovered from a massive wound on his head, Dr Marlia stated that he is a very special dog. As for how he got his name, well, that was an interesting story in itself.

"We named him Ortu (Orang Tua) because of his style. He can go outside for his walks in the evening, but he has a big problem coming home after. We have no energy to carry him because he is very heavy, so this is how we get him home," she wrote in the caption.

Going viral on TikTok, the clip has since received about three million views and over 150,000 likes at the time of writing

Many users gushed over how cute Ortu was, despite his cheeky ways to do whatever it took so he wouldn't have to go home.

"Like a child when you tell them it's time go home. Hahaha, he is frustrated till no end!" joked one user.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

A vast majority of the comments remarked how funny Ortu and Ida were in the video, with many making light-hearted jokes at their expense.

"Four legs stepped out, two legs came back," humorously wrote one user, while another commented on how stubborn he was, as he casually took his time to walk even after Ida lifted him up.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

However, multiple users even went on to praise both Dr Marlia and Ida for being kind enough to care deeply for dogs, as they are also God's creatures. 

"How great is the heart of humans who love animals," wrote one user.

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

In a brief conversation with SAYS, Dr Marlia hopes the video will inspire Malaysians to spread and show kindness towards all animals.

Watch the full TikTok below:

@marliazulkapli This dog is special. You know why.. He has been rescued by arwah @dadyoyen last year when tbere was a massive wound on his head. And we adopted him and take care of him eversince. We named him Ortu (stands for Orang Tua) sbb gaya dia. Dia boleh je jalan tapi lps walk2 kat luar waktu petang akan ada masalah nak suruh balik. Kita nak dukung dia tak larat sbb dia tersangatlah berat. #ilovepet #doctorvet original sound - Dr. Marlia Zulkapli

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