Kind Mak Cik Feeds Stray Dog That Comes To Her Roadside Stall Every Morning

"It doesn't matter if it's a cat or a dog, all of us need food."

Cover image via @norassida (TikTok)

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We often forget that animals have souls, characters, personality traits, and emotions, just like humans.

And all any being wants is to be shown kindness and compassion.

A recent TikTok has been going viral after one roadside vendor lent a kind hand to an animal in need. Kak Ida, who has a roadside stall in Sungai Bakap, Penang, shared how a stray dog named Jojo comes to her stall every morning when he's hungry.

"When Jojo looks to the side, it means he wants to eat — that's his eating spot. So he'll wait here until we put some food for him. He'll keep waiting until he eats," said Kak Ida in the clip.

Putting together some rice, fried chicken, and two pieces of eggs, Kak Ida shared that Jojo waits patiently as she prepares food for him. After she's done, she brings the items to the corner for him to start eating

"Jojo knows where his spot is and he never disturbs us. He knows how to ask for food and not come near us until we put the food on the ground and take a few steps back," Kak Ida added.

Looking back at Kak Ida after she put the food down and walked away, the vendor stated that it is his way of saying thank you before he starts eating. In the caption of the video, Kak Ida stated that it doesn't matter whether the animal is a dog or cat, everyone needs to eat.

"When goodness is shown to dogs and cats, blessings will be shown back onto us," she said ending the caption.

Garnering massive praise online, Kak Ida's clip has been viewed over 200,000 times since being posted

Almost the entire comments section praised Kak Ida for being kind and caring, taking time out of her day and business to feed Jojo

"Thank you for sharing sustenance with Jojo, may blessings always come your way sister," said one user to Kak Ida. 

Another user even said that all animals have innocent hearts, while others wished Kak Ida all the best in her work and personal life.

Watch the full clip on TikTok below:

@norassida Rezeki depa rezeki kita juga x kira kucing ka anjing depa tetap perlu makan ..semoga rezeki yang dikongsi dengan kucing dan anjing jalanan memberi lebih rezeki kpd kita #fyp #tiktok #jojo #anjingjalanan original sound - kak Ida

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