This Puppy Rescued Its Hooman Family Of 5 From A House Fire In Teluk Intan

The eight-month-old puppy tried various ways to wake its owner up from sleep after a fire started at the house.

Cover image via Terence Naidu/Malay Mail

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A puppy named Anandavelli saved a family of five from a house fire in Perak by desperately waking them up in the early hours of Wednesday morning, 23 June

The eight-month-old puppy pulled its owner Vimala's hair in an attempt to wake her at around 5am when the fire began to spread at the family's double-storey terrace house in Eastern Garden, Teluk Intan, reported Bernama.

When it failed, it proceeded to nibble its owner's face and ear before tugging her pyjamas.

"I told her to get water at the kitchen herself but when she continued to pull on my clothes, I got up to see the middle section of my house, which housed the praying altar, was on fire," the mother of three was quoted as saying by Malay Mail.

"I immediately screamed at my children, namely, Raaghi, 23, Prakash, 22, and Vimalan, 18, to save themselves by running out of the house," Vimala told Bernama

After exiting the house, she realised that her 58-year-old husband Marimuthu Naidu β€” who is partially paralysed β€” was still in a room at the back of the house.

"I ordered my youngest son Vimalan to save his father. He risked his life running through the inferno and carried his father out of the house in time," Vimala added.

The family is currently putting up at her mother's house on Jalan Laksamana.

Vimala said she was grateful to her pet for saving her family.

She added that Anandavelli had nearly died when it was born, saying "I nursed her back to health. I even bottle fed her." 

State assemblyman Terrence Naidu with Anandavelli.

Image via Terence Naidu/Malay Mail

Pasir Bedamar state assemblyman Terence Naidu said a team of 12 firefighters in two fire engines from the Teluk Intan Fire and Rescue Station put out the fire at around 6.30am that day

Losses were estimated at RM50,000, he added.

The assemblyman said that he will assist Vimala and her family by providing food and money from the disaster fund at the district office.

"We will also try to get a People Housing Project's housing unit for the family," he said.

Terrence praised the puppy for saving the family when he visited Vimala and her family.

He urged people to be kind to animals and said that dogs were indeed man's best friend after witnessing the exemplary act of Anandavelli.

"Who knows, a dog may save your life one day," he added.

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