This Group Went Hiking When They Suddenly Noticed They Had An Extra Member

Not a hantu, just here to teman je.

Cover image via @khairulaming (TikTok)

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If you've been hiking around Malaysia long enough, you might have met small 'jungle tour guides' who sometimes make an appearance

They don't talk much. Can be pretty stealthy. Usually know the grounds extremely well, and most times, they're more fit than you. 

The best part is that these 'tour guides' are just offering a free service. But if you'd like to repay their kindness, they do accept tips... in the form of snacks. 

While hiking recently, a group of Malaysians noticed that one of these 'jungle tour guides' suddenly showed up to look after them

In a TikTok on Tuesday, 12 October, content creator @khairulaming detailed the cutest story of how he and his friends went hiking and met with the unexpected guest along the way.

After offering it some biscuits, the group continued their hike but noticed that the extra 'floofy' member didn't leave their side. 

In fact, wherever they went, the dog – who they named 'Pali' – was there with them, always a step ahead to ensure that there were no wild animals in the area and the path was safe

Cute butt.

Image via @khairulaming (TikTok)

After doing inspections, Pali would turn and trot back to the group to teman them whenever they stopped to rest, he added.

Touched by Pali's kindness, the hikers made sure that their newfound tour guide was well-fed throughout the 12km hike.

Once they reached a stream, the team rewarded Pali with snacks like a sandwich (obviously avoiding giving it chocolate as it can harm dogs).

The group decided to swim for a bit at the stream, and while doing so, Pali was seen diligently watching over them from the side

It then continued its duties to jaga them by accompanying them all the way back to their cars.

Grateful for their little adventurer, Khairul shared that they held a mini photoshoot with their furry tour guide and thanked Pali for joining them

Khairul with Pali.

Image via @khairulaming (TikTok)

The rest of the gang with Pali.

Image via @khairulaming (TikTok)

In under 24 hours, his video has gone viral.

You can watch it below:


thank you pali sebab guide kitaorg hiking. dia baik sangattt

Konoha Peace - R A Y

So wholesome. :')

Most times they help us and sometimes we help them:

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