Kind Malaysians Form 'Human Barricade' To Help Doggo Cross Gushing Stream

"Tepi sikit, nak lalu."

Cover image via @imhakim0305 (TikTok)

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When life throws you hurdles, sometimes all you gotta do is press on.

Like one doggo has shown.

In a recent TikTok by @imhakim0305, a brave furry fellow was seen attempting to cross a stream of gushing water at Lata Medang, Kuala Kubu Bharu.

It appears that the bridge to cross the stream had broken, causing the water to flow rapidly over it. Hikers were seen queuing up to carefully cross over one person at a time. 

But not before first giving way to this little guy...

Several hikers formed a 'human barricade' to protect the dog from getting swept away by the current, while coaching it to move forward

Stepping each paw forward at a time, the dog can be seen treading carefully across the waters before finally reaching the other side, where another guy was standing to help it.

Hakim replied to one person in the comments saying that the dog was friendly and had actually accompanied all of the hikers into the jungle.

The video has since gone viral, winning hearts on the Internet

Image via TikTok
Image via TikTok

Animals hold no prejudice and most times help us more than we help them:

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